Internet marketing for restaurants gets smarter.

Internet marketing is an integral part of any business today.

Restaurants can increase profitability and add value to the business by allocating part of the advertising and marketing budget to Internet marketing.

The Internet is by far the most cost-effective ways to market a business and is ideal for restaurants. A restaurant's internet presence will yield several benefits with no extra cost. Examples of these benefits are as follows:

  • Presentation - With the help of talented graphic designers at Lucreative Solutions you can portray the image that best represents your restaurant's appearance and atmosphere. In addition to graphic design, digital images added to your menu and wine list will leave those potential customers longing to experience and taste the real thing.
  • Bookings - Our website solution also offers a booking form to facilitate online bookings for those that don't have the patience to be kept on hold.
  • Promotions and Events - Notify your current and potential customers of upcoming special events and functions. You will be able to advertise for special occassions such as Valentine's day or Melbourne cup.
  • Newsletters - Collect customer email addresses and keep them updated on any new promotions or additions to your menu.

Problem : Unfortunately, restaurant owners that embraced the wave of internet marketing in the earlier days were rushed into paying for web sites that did little justice for their business.

Restaurants websites need to be dynamic as opposed to static. Having a static website that is not easy to update means that customers could be misled by old prices, meals or wine list that don't exist and missing out on any specials or upcoming events.

One of the rules for Internet Marketing success is fresh content. Too many websites perish due to the lack of updated content or in my own words 'stale website syndrome'.

The root for the stale website problem is the lack of a facility that allows non technical people to update a website and keep the content fresh. Instead restaurant owners are made to incur ongoing costs whenever they want to change details on their websites. In most cases the detail that require changing include food and drink prices, opening times and quite often updates to the functions and events section.


Solution: The Cyber-Restaurant will simplify the way you communicate with you customers. You will not only save money on ongoing costs but also the frustration of not having your menu updated on time for valentines day or Melbourne cup lunch.

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